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Rigid Global Buildings Commercial Office BuildingMore Space To Grow Your Business

Tucker Design Build became an authorized builder of Rigid Global Buildings steel structures to serve the growing need for large amounts of commercial, industrial, retail, and agricultural space completed and ready for occupancy in a shorter time frame.  While Tucker’s crew is new to the industry of steel building erections, they are lead by  experienced President, Doug Tucker.  With over 40 years of building experience amongst all building classifications, Doug and team are ready to make an impact in Southern Ontario as Rigid’s authorized builder for Niagara, Hamilton, Halton, Peel, Haldimand, Norfolk and beyond.

Rigid Global Buildings

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Started by two engineers from Houston, Texas.  Today Rigid Global Buildings is the worlds largest private manufacturer of engineered steel structures, including roof panels, wall panels, and complex custom steel structures.  With a long lineup of pre-designed products to meet or exceed building codes across the globe, Rigid has also become known in the industry as the metal building company that takes on complex and complicated projects.  Their attention to innovation and engineering is what prompted Tucker Design Build to work as a Rigid Builder.

Rigid Steel Building Features

– Pre-designed buildings available at competitive rates

– Engineering that’s certified in all Canadian Province’s is provided for all buildings including complex custom projects

– Buildings and building components available for many sectors, including but not limited to commercial, industrial, agricultural, municipal, religious, storage, and aviation.

– Order complete building systems from Rigid, or just the structure and apply a signature finish with Tucker

Rigid Global Buildings Riding AreanBenefits of Building with Tucker/Rigid

– Rigid’s steel manufacturing plant provides quick delivery, getting projects done on tight schedules

– Rigid provides the lowest factory direct pricing

– Flexibility in building design to meet your company’s needs

– Build with structural stability and energy efficiency

– Obtain the building you need with Tucker’s unmatched customer service