New Construction

Web1589Building New Gets Exactly What You Want

If you or your company has recently purchased property for building? Tucker Design Build offers the services you need to complete your project from start to finish.

New development on new land, brown-field redevelopment, whatever the new project is, Tucker is ready to work with you.  Meet with our Design/Build team to get a complete package for construction, and know up front what you are getting and know how much it costs.

What is Design/Build?

Design and Build is a project delivery system in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single company, like Tucker Design Build.  Tucker is a general contractor led Design/Build service that maintains lead on all project details and is the primary contact with the client.

Web1532Benefits of Design/Build

As opposed to the design/bid/build model of construction, design and build in one service provides many benefits.

– One point of contact reduces the “project management” required for a client

– Faster delivery as design-phase and construction-phase are overlapped into scheduling

– Reduced responsibility and risk for clients as Tucker provides single-source responsibility for your project

– Accurate budgeting from experienced builders

– Full project management from Tucker

– Builder involvement with client in design phase keeps construction budget lower than architect-lead design/bid/build

Rigid Global Buildings Institutional Fire StationConstruction Markets Served

Tucker Design Build serves the following building markets.

– Industrial (mills, factories, warehouses)

– Commercial (downtown stores, strip plazas, single unit stores)

– Professional (offices, healthcare practitioners)

– Agricultural

– Aviation

– Municipal/Institutional (Healthcare, Education, Government, Police, Fire, Correctional Buildings)

– Religious Facilities

– Self Storage