Insulated Concrete Form Construction

Building Into the Future

If you are considering a new building for your business, an insulated concrete form (ICF) building is the best way to build value into your business.  An ICF building earns top marks in energy efficiency, environmental protection, safety and strength, and creating comfortable spaces.  Tucker Design Build uses Nudura ICF’s for construction and is a certified Nudura installer.

Nudura ICF Features

– a 6 in 1 step that reduces labour cost and reduces project time and scheduling

– ICF is made with non-toxic Expanded Polystyrene Foam that produces no off gasing

– in 1 step the building has insulation, structure, air barrier, vapour barrier, and finished anchorage for finish on the interior and exterior

– a standard 8″ thick concrete wall is rated at R-24, with performance values as high as R-50

– Nudura has a line of insulating products for other applications; ceilings, in-floor heat, basement walls

Benefits of Building with Nudura ICF

– concrete walls produce no thermal bridging, and a thermal concrete mass that produces energy savings of 50-70% from traditional construction

– create a building that will last forever

– re-inforced concrete walls are rated to withstand winds of 250 mph

– 4 hour fire protection in wall system

– no toxic CFC’s or HCFC’s are emitted from walls

– greater sound barrier from inside to outside and visa versa

– does not support mould growth