Nudura Insulated Concrete Form Review

IMG_0669If you’re a business owner looking to expand space to meet your growing needs, you might want to consider all of the benefits of building with insulated concrete forms.  Insulated Concrete Forms increase concrete construction productivity by reducing man-hours, saving materials and also create energy efficient buildings.   As we build our industrial, commercial projects on tight schedules, we use Nudura Corporation’s ICF blocks often to get our clients back working in their businesses.

ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) blocks are made of 2 panels of foam, connected with a patented folding web design that holds the two panels in place.  With the folding web design, the blocks can ship flat as seen on the photo to the right of our shipment to a job site.  Then when the blocks reach the site, they open up and can be used for fast forming concrete walls.  The forms come in a variety of wall thicknesses from 4 to 12 inches, we often use 8 inch for our projects, and the standard straight form comes in 8 foot lengths.


To begin construction, all that is required of the form is a proper concrete footing.  Once the footing is in place, the forms can be opened up and literally snap together.  With Nudura’s DuraLok Technology, the forms snap together like giant 8 foot lego blocks.  Nudura manufacture’s many additional components for building, including 90 and 45 degree forms, t-shaped forms for interior walls, and brick ledge forms for the start of brick or stone mason work.  Once the forms are built to the correct height, the walls are braced and reinforced with rebar, and pouring can begin.  Since building with Nudura forms are a snap, the project has already saved hours of labour, and there is no waste from traditional wood forms because the foam panels are part of the concrete wall, providing additional benefits.


Energy Efficient

The 2 panels of foam on either side of the concrete wall is  2 and 8/5 inches thick, when combined with the structural strength and thermal mass of concrete, the wall can provide R-values as high as R-50.  In compared to most above grade walls which require R-values of R-22 to R-27, the additional performance of an ICF wall can bring energy savings of up to 70% on your new space.  For any building project looking to achieve a LEED status, the forms gather up to 19 points on the LEED Green Building Rating Systems.

The panels provide an airtight structure allowing the building’s heating and air conditioning to work more efficiently.  The foam panels are not made with any CFC’s or HCFC’s, increasing air quality within the building, and the foam is mold resistant.  And when it comes to construction waste, the ICF blocks are 100% recyclable, creating zero landfill waste from wall construction.



A concrete wall made with Nudura ICF blocks reduces build time, reduces landfill waste, and increases building energy performance, all of which are an important part of any industrial or commercial construction project.  The added benefits of increased sound barriers are important if your new industrial building is located in a densely populated area, and walls that provide 4 hour fire protection and withstand 400kph winds maintain safety and comfort for your employees in many situations.  And finally, you want your business to grow and operate beyond your future, which is why a concrete form building is best as it is built to last and will retain strong value due to it’s high durability and minimal maintenance.  We not only recommend this product, we build with it, as noted by the construction of our new assembly shop in the photo to the right.