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Revitalizing Downtown Facades

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Harmony House Jewellers

Downtown revitalization’s are an important part of a city or town’s plan to maintain the mixed commercial/residential use within the dense core of the area and to ensure minimal vacancy of potential taxpaying businesses and residents.  

In the last year, Tucker Design Build has completed a couple building renovations within the downtown streets of Dunnville, a small community of 12,000 people nestled between Hamilton and Niagara Regions.  

There was first the major renovation/retrofitting of the important “Rexall Building.”  The building was completely re-built from the inside to the exterior facade, and when completed featured an expansion of the local Rexall Drugstore.  

More recently, Tucker Design Build completed the facade renovation at Harmony Ho...

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5 Tips To Use Office Space Efficiently


Time to improve the office

The feeling of being cluttered, contained, or suffocating in our work space.  We experience this when we are placed in an environment in which we lack control and the breaking point of our comfort level is pushed to it’s limits.  Unfortunately this is something many people experience in their workplace, especially if the business is in a state of transition and growth.

As businesses grow and more personnel are added into the workforce, a dilemma arises on whether to expand office space or accommodate growth into an existing space.  As a design build contractor with many addition/renovation projects in our portfolio, we know that expanding office space isn’t something to be taken lightly.  

If your business is only leasing an office, then it may be time...

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Nudura Insulated Concrete Form Review

IMG_0669If you’re a business owner looking to expand space to meet your growing needs, you might want to consider all of the benefits of building with insulated concrete forms.  Insulated Concrete Forms increase concrete construction productivity by reducing man-hours, saving materials and also create energy efficient buildings.   As we build our industrial, commercial projects on tight schedules, we use Nudura Corporation’s ICF blocks often to get our clients back working in their businesses.

ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) blocks are made of 2 panels of foam, connected with a patented folding web design that holds the two panels in place.  With the folding web design, the blocks can ship flat as seen on the photo to the right of our shipment to a job site...

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Benefits of Building with Wood


It’s easy for the building industry to take a lot of criticism when it comes to environmental practices.  There is the harvesting of minerals/materials for construction, the ecological footprint of home building, land consumption, transporting materials and people, and waste generated.  Due to these reasons, the industry will definitely take advantage of any opportunity it can get to save some face by publicizing the use of “green” materials or  “green” processes.  Not  surprisingly though, is that wood gets overlooked in this conversation among the general population.  Mainly because the general population isn’t interested in reading details on the building industry until it’s in the mainstream, i.e. newspapers, twitter, blogs...

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Tips for Choosing a General Contractor


There are just so many things out there that require our attention that it makes it hard to focus on it all. We often just want to take the task at hand and pass it off to someone so that they can handle all of the small details, but we find this difficult because we want them to have the same passion for the job as we have ourselves.  We carry out this manor of delegation all of the time, when we take our car to mechanics, send our children to school, and hiring servicemen for our home appliances.  When it comes to selecting a contractor for our  building needs, it can be a little more difficult as the selection is wide, and it can be hard to find a match for your needs.

When it comes to building, whether it’s a new project or a renovation, people know that they need help, but it can ...

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